DIY Fountain ~

Each month as one of the Lowe’s Creators & Influencers, we are given different challenges.  This month’s theme was outdoor fun. So naturally I created a DIY outdoor fountain for my deck…….it was fun!

I’ve been gone the month of July having fun everywhere else and now it’s time to have a little fun on my back deck.  Time to kick back and relax, entertain friends, or have family dinners.

diy water fountain |

Item’s needed:

  • Ceramic Orb or Egg- I found mine at a local nursery for $5! This is one is the closest I can find.
  • Fountain parts- Found at Lowes.
  • Bowl- I plugged the hole in this ceramic bowl, also found at my local nursery.
  • Pea Gravel
  • Water

I’ve been wanting to complete this fountain since last year when I bought the bright blue egg and fountain bowl from my local nursery here in Camas Washington.  I bought the pump at Lowe’s and some pea gravel. This was SO simple to make. I threaded the pump tube through the bottom hole and positioned into the top hole of the blue egg. I placed my egg in my bowl, filled with pea gravel and water……..then just turned it on.  It took me about 15 min.  I can now enjoy the soft sound of water, as well as enjoy my beautiful blue egg.

diy water fountain |

Word of advice……..WASH the pea gravel BEFORE you use it. My water was muddy looking which caused me to throw myself on the ground and cry…..I may have said damn it a few times.   Now that I’ve drained & refilled the water, it’s better.

I also bought new chair cushions. Gotta make it comfortable. These cushions hold up to water and sun, so they’ll last a few years. They have many styles and designs to fit your taste.

diy fountain |


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  1. Sandra says

    Love your fountain. I went over and signed up for the Lowe’s subscription. I would love to win a gift card, if I did, I think I would use it for a new fountain, I have one, but it is looking really tired, yours is so bright, I think I need a new one!

  2. says

    I have been a crafting fool this summer! Go back to work in a week and a half and still have so much to do! Love your fountain, I need to get another pump for mine. Love the water sounds on a summer’s night!

  3. Nikki says

    Love the fountain. I have the Lowe’s subscription and like them on facebook. I would buy cushions for my outdoor seating with the $100 Gift card!!

  4. BethG says

    I’m having a pretty good summer, it’s going fast! I subscribed to the Creative Ideas Magazine. I love your fountain! Where did you find the egg? I’ve been wanting to make a fountain FOREVER!

  5. says

    Love the blue egg! I would use a gift card towards new flooring for my kids’ bedrooms. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  6. brittany childress says

    I am having fun this summer by taking the summer off from my college courses and finally moving into my first place :) now it is time to paint, decorate and make my place my home, all before the next semester starts!

  7. brittany childress says

    Oops, and I forgot to mention that I signed up for the magazine AND liked Lowe’s on facebook :)

  8. Sarah S. says

    i already get the Creative Ideas magazine. I love it! I’ve done several ideas from them!

  9. Niki says

    Hi Kim! I love your fountain! I’m spending my summer browsing home improvement/diy/decorating blogs, Pinterest and magazines looking for inspiration and ideas for MY FIRST HOUSE! We move in a week from Monday and I can’t wait to get to work!

    FYI – I subscribed to the Lowe’s creative magazine and liked them on Facebook too! :)

  10. Sarah S. says

    Our summer fun was a trip to Florida with extended family for a wedding. It was a blast!

  11. Cynthia B. says

    I think your fountain looks great! I already signed up for the Lowe’s Creative Ideas magazine.

  12. Karen says

    Joined the Lowes site and have been remodeling a townhome on the water this summer…..LOVE Lowes and could really use that remodel for the master bath….that would be awesome since I’m looking for ideas now to make this dream complete!

  13. Cynthia B. says

    We’re having fun this summer by watching movies, going to the local waterpark, and watching the summer Olympics! :)

  14. Janelle says

    Love DIY projects in my super cold air conditioned apartment :) Enjoying my summer reading blogs like this and trying out myself!!

  15. Nicole W says

    I have been working on a bedroom redo for my daughter this summer. We’ve had a lot of fun picking out furniture and painting everything. Now we just have to build her bed!

  16. Terri says

    Subscribed to Lowes Home Improvement newsletter,would love to win a gift and a make a fountain

  17. Terri says

    Having a blast this summer with 3 of our 7 grandchildren. Have the 3 two days a week going to beach,waterparks,fishing,and plain homegrown slip n slides. Took older of the three up the Ca. coast from our house up to San Fransisco a fun 6 day trip and got out of the heat where we live it was 101 at home and 57 in Frisco. Loved touring the coast with them.

  18. Sue says

    I have been signed up to the Lowe’s Creative Ideas Magazine for a number of years and they have some nifty projects.
    I just picked up some paint samples yesterday for my bedroom. I want to see how they look during the day before I decide which color is the best choice. If I won, I would be able to buy the paint, tape and brushes with the gift card. That would be just perfect timing, wouldn’t it? I also want to paint the blades on my ceiling fan. I love, love, love my fan and wouldn’t take it down for anything. The rug needs to be replaced too, but that would be for another time.

  19. Sue says

    Forgot to mention that I am being very productive this summer working on projects inside and outside my home. However, I have to pencil in some lazy beach days and I hope to go and visit my son and his wife before school begins.

  20. Maureen says

    I’m at the beach right now having fun. When I get home I am redoing a Cromatic step stool seat!!!

  21. Liz Rasmussen says

    I really love this idea.
    I have been having lots of fun sewing on small wall hangings, and about three purses this summer.

  22. Lisa C. says

    I <3 your egg!! Where did you get it!?!? I've signed up for Lowe's & like them on FB :)

  23. Connie Haack says

    We just returned from a 4 day vacation. Our first vacation in four years when my husband lost his job. We drove around Michigan stopping at different Thrift stores and garage sales. We had a really good time.

  24. DianeM says

    Good Morning – I just joined Lowes on facebook & subscribed to their magazine. A silly way I’m enjoying my summer is by staying up later than usual, even though I’m working my schedule is later since I work in a school district…so I feel like a kid again…up late during the summer lol.
    Smiles, DianeM

  25. Lora W. says

    I just joined Lowe’s Create Ideas Mag. I am having fun this summer by doing things around town with my son. We live near the beach so summers are great!

  26. Chelsea r says

    We have been spending time outside, in the garden and flower beds. Going to the Greene for their free live music events too.

  27. says

    Having fun this summer by decorating an apt we just moved into after selling our home of 30 years. Quite a change!

  28. says

    I signed up.. I’m enjoying the summer by traveling and then finishing off the summer with a visit to my parent’s house!

  29. Gretchen Neal says

    This summer I decided to let the house go! Not completely of course, but I gave myself to my children this summer. I realized time was flying at a speed I could’nt keep up with and I wanted to make lasting memories with my boys! It has been AWESOME! School starts in 9 short days and plenty of housekeeping, oraganizing, etc awaitws me.

  30. Mitzi Peterson says

    I have already joined the magazine. My kids and I are having fun by staying indoors and doing water color paintings and drawings mostly since it is super hot outside!

  31. says

    I get the Creative Ideas magazine and love it! Just moved back to the midwest so we are trying to get used to the heat and humidity again!

  32. nancy cresser says

    I already receive Lowe’s Creative Ideas. I am having so much fun this summer – hanging with my kids, going on a road trip with my sister, going to Myrtle Beach with my family, and just relaxing!!! I love Lowe’s & I would really love a Lowe’s gift card!!

  33. says

    I love your fountain- I will c.a.s.e you on that:). Thanks for reminding me to re subscribe to Lowe’s magazine- so helpful! I have been enjoying my deck this year! I’ve been able to keep the flowers beautiful and love reading in my compfy deck furniture! My shed redo is nearing completion so that Lowe’s gift card could go for some lovely finishing touches! Thanks!

  34. Elaine says

    I am already subscribed-and love it! We are having fun by having a “turn off the tv summer”. Lots of diys, activities, theme nights, etc!

  35. Bekah Lynn says

    The fountain is gorgeous–and simple enough to tackle! Thank you for sharing! I am a Lowe’s subscriber, and stack them up and fold pages over for my DIY days :) This summer is all about enjoying my husband returning from Afghanistan, sand under the toes, and taking time to smell the sea breeze.
    Thanks Kim!

  36. says

    This summer we’re just hanging out with family and reminiscing about our youthful scandals. 😉
    If I won? House paint for us (booorring!) and Step2 Kickback Soccer Goal & Pitch Back for my nephew (yay!)…I didn’t know they had so many playgroundy things for kids!

  37. jengd says

    I’ve actually been getting the Lowes’ magazine for years and LOVE it! Great fountain- fabulous colors! We’re doing a bit of travel right now and visiting some friends we haven’t seen in over a year. Wonderful time but I’m looking forward to going home too.

  38. Anne Marie says

    I have been having fun with the grandkids visiting – never a dull moment. I already receive Lowes magazine.

  39. says

    I’ve been an LCI fan for years! Just finished up building their modern adirondack chairs this weekend, actually. I would love to use $100 to buy more lumber for more projects! I saw a kids’ slide on there last week that I’m now dying to build!

  40. says

    I discovered the Lowe’s Creative Idea’s Magazine last month during the giveaway. Thank you! This summer I am busy traveling around the great state of Montana. SOme work, some play. It is great.
    In your pictures, it looks like you cut the egg in half? Did you or does the picture just look like that??

  41. Emily S. says

    I get the Creative Ideas Magazine and am always excited to see it in the mailbox!

  42. Jacque Avant says

    I already receive the creative ideas mag and i look forward to each new issue. I would love to have the gift card to spend on some outdoor seating. Glad you have had a great summer so far. It has been so hot here in Ga.

  43. Amber Malarsie says

    I receive my Lowe’s subscription in the mail and on my iPad. I love it! We recently bought a pop-up camper and I love to celebrate summer by going camping. Not to mention what seems like an endless supply of birthday parties, weddings, , baby showers and housewarmings to attend. None the less, it wouldn’t be summer without those things!

  44. Becky Neal says

    I currently receive the Lowes Magazine and I love it! Even my 3 three year old little boy gets excited when we pull in the parking lot of our local Lowes Store….he knows the store from front to back and they know us so well that they will let him sit in the little forklift because he is all about construction equipment :o)

    This summer we have been working on making our house a home and spending time doing projects together as a family. My elderly father just moved in with us after having a stroke and with the gift card we could purchase the items needed to make getting around the house a little easier for him with his physical disabilities.


  45. Susan H. says

    For fun this summer we have been hanging out at my mom’s pool staying cool and having cookouts. Will be going to the beach in Augsust and then again in September.

  46. Gail says

    I am enjoying tending my “raised bed container garden” full of assorted vegetables this summer! Love the fountain!

  47. Stephanie says

    What an awesome give away! I joined the Lowe’s Creative Ideas Magazine, which I am super excited about. We are having fun this summer by traveling to see family and crafting away!

  48. Kris H Lee says

    Joined! Enjoying the summer by teaching English to Korean immigrant students!

  49. says

    From Cirque de Soliel in Las Vegas to camping, the fair, and Sea World, my daughter and I are having a blast this summer. While on vacation next week, I plan to fix up the house and would be thrilled, as a single mom, if I won a gift card to Lowe’s. I already subscribe to their awesome magazine and frequent their stores often since I just bought a house!

  50. Jennifer says

    I’d love to have done more this summer, but being 7 months pregnant in Texas makes that hard.

  51. Denise Monday says

    I am already a subscriber to Lowes Creative Ideas. My summer has been extremely fun. We are expecting our first grandchild!!!!! It has been so fun planning the nursery at their house and doing one at my house as well!!!

  52. says

    I’m having fun this summer gardening with my grandbabies, growing heirloom tomatoes, picking blueberries painting a landscape scene on a piece of furniture (curved office desk….very unique/interesting), and visiting and receiving family from Canada. I’ve been fending off the heat by visiting neighborhood pools and having dinner with friends. My life is not quite as full as I would like for it to be, but I’m blessed none-the-less!

  53. Zan says

    I am subscribed to the Lowe’s magazine! Love your fountain. My entry way is in dire need of decorating. I could use this card for that. I am having fun tending my veggie and herb garden this summer (and enjoying the results!).

  54. Heather N says

    I have already joined the Lowe’s magazine.

    Heather (

  55. Heather N says

    I am having fun this summer by spending as much time outside in the sun as possible- beach, pool, soon to be kayaking. Can’t wait for that one!

    Heather (

  56. says

    I subscribed to the magazine – it looks great!

    I am finishing a paver patio, and really need some nice chairs for it so I can relax and enjoy the garden while the kids play. If I win, I’ll put the money toward chairs!

  57. Shatzi says

    I love the Lowe’s Creative Ideas Magazine! I’ve been on the list for a couple of years! Our summer fun so far has been on the road. We’ve clocked over 2500 mile so far!

  58. Melissa says

    I already receive the Creative Ideas magazine. We have redone our basement this summer!

  59. Erin Young says

    i am having fun this summer by spending lots of time with my husband and kids….love it!

  60. says

    We made a Summer bucket list and we are having so much fun! So far we’ve been camping, went to the aquarium, to the Science center, to the Ski Lift rides up north, to Slide Rock (a giant creek where you can actually slide), to the movies, to the waterpark about a dozen times and this weekend we are surprising the kids with a trip to the beach and to Legoland!

  61. Robin Troxell says

    we’ve been having so much fun swimming, and I have to over-document everything with photography!

  62. Valerie says

    I already get the Lowe’s magazine & I love it! I’m having fun this summer by visiting the pool as often as I can on the weekends!

  63. says

    Hi Kim, I am enjoying this summer a new novice bee keeper and, a mosaic tile project and building hypertufas (English gardening container that require building a form and mixing concrete, and and pete moss to make the containers) The Lowe gift card would be perfect for my summer projects. Thank for the opportunity!

  64. says

    Hi Kim, I am enjoying this summer as a new novice bee keeper, and working on outdoor projects including making a mosaic tile project and building hypertufas (English gardening container that require building a form and mixing concrete, and and peat moss to make the containers) The Lowe gift card would be perfect to help me complete my summer projects. Next on my list to build a bee hive. Thank for the opportunity!

  65. says

    Busy being an overtime student. For fun, I take little breaks and hang out with the kids, doing what they’d like to do.

  66. Jen says

    I receive the Creative Ideas e-letter {still waiting for my 1st hard copy to arrive – sigh} and love all the great inspiration! This summer I started transforming our home to a coastal style decor which means lots of fun DIY projects and I’m spending at least 3 days a week lounging & swimming in the pool for 45 minutes as my “moment of zen” to relax & clear my mind :~)

  67. twelve30 says

    I already belong the the Lowes Creative Magazine – thanks so much for the giveaway.

  68. twelve30 says

    Spending a lot of this summer indoors – it’s just too hot to be outside for very long. But we improvising by trying some summer activities indoors – like an evening picnic on our picnic blanket & watching movies while we are eating.

  69. Sarah C says

    I am already subscribed! (love it!) We just got back from Florida and are trying to stay cool at the pool and indoors with friends! It’s been SO hot!!!

  70. kaybee says

    i’m having fun this summer by finding inspiration from my favorite blogs (mostly diy)

  71. jessica w says

    Our office is needing some more storage ideas and maybe one long desk rather than our two shorter ones that are falling apart!

  72. Jennie P. says

    Right now my summer’s not so fun. Hopefully that will change! I love your fountain :)

  73. Virginia says

    We are enjoying the little bit of summer in Seattle by adding more plants to the yard.
    Flowers, flowers and more flowers. Now, I will have to add your fountain – very pretty
    and I need one!!!

  74. Priscilla says

    I already get the Lowe’s Magazine and I love it! This summer, the hubby and I have been spending our weekends finishing the inside of our new shed. We’re planning to use it as an office so we’ve installed drywall and flooring. The Lowe’s gift card would come in so handy to make our new shed/office comfy cozy!

  75. Pat K says

    Great idesa and projects in the magazine! Doing lots of craft projects this summwe!

  76. says

    I’m having fun this summer creating new projects now that I have free time. I’ll be back to teaching in a couple of weeks. Wish we had a longer summer break. :)

  77. says

    My parents always give me their Lowe’s creative mag since they know I’m crafty…but I just signed up to receive it myself. :)

  78. Ruth Hill says

    I signed up for Lowe’s Creative ideas Magazine.

    If I were to win the $100, I would give it to my mom since she has a lot she is doing around this house.

    I have been keeping myself busy with my daughter and her friend and my computer!

  79. says

    We went camping by the beach for a few days and then mostly I have been working. Summer is just about over for me. I start teaching again on the 8-6.

  80. Amy Hay says

    Having fun this summer spending a lot of time with my Step Daughter. She is keeping me busy! So much fun!

  81. Ceri says

    I subscribed to the magazine and newsletter. I would LOVE to get started painting our house. (outside) OR we would like to plant a really nice tree in our front yard.

  82. says

    I am reading a lot this summer, just trying to relax before home school starts up again in September. Also planning a camping trip to the coast in a few weeks. Can’t wait!

  83. Amanda Boerst says

    Your fountain is so cute! I signed up for the Lowe’s Creative Idea’s Magazine. So far we’ve spent our summer house hunting and trying to stay cool! Thanks for the great tutorial and giveaway!

  84. Kelly Palmer says

    I subscribed to the Lowe’s magazine. We took a vacation to Savannah, Georgia then Florida to visit children and grandchildren. We also have had children and grandchildren visit us here. Took a day trip to Helen Georgia with them and went to a water park. It has been a very busy but enjoyable summer!

  85. Karen B says

    Love your fountain, our backyard needs help! I already receive the newsletter. This summer we’ve just been doing fun stuff locally (water parks, aquarium – stuff we don’t normally do)

  86. Sheila Laurence says

    I love your fountain! I am mostly just enjoying the warm weather with no worries about driving in the ice/snow.

  87. says

    We are having fun this summer by swimming, going to Sea World (yay for passes), going to the library and going camping! Sadly summer is almost over!

  88. Sylvia Howard says

    We are having fun doing everything we can as a family, most are staycations but we are going to NH for vacation next month. We’re also going to camps and having fun with our cousins as much as possible.
    Great giveaway, thanks for the chance.

  89. Tabathia B says

    I have been taking the kids to camps and we have went to movies in the park, ice skating

  90. Rose says

    Good to know about washing the pea gravel first, I wouldn’t have thought of that either. Your fountain is beautiful and something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time. You’ve inspired me! I already get the Lowes magazine and love it.
    My summer fun has been having parties in my Outdoor Kitchen. My husband is always inviting people over to cook for them and hang out at the bar. We’ve had lots of great times out there!

  91. says

    I went over to Lowes and subscribed. We don’t have lots planned this summer other than an epic garage sale to give us a few extra bucks to add some more garden beds…we love gardening!

  92. Jana says

    Just signed up for the Lowe’s subscription. A gift card would be awesome. I would make a fountain like yours with one. I am having fun by going to the pool and playing with my son in the water.

  93. Sallie Fitz says

    I already receive Lowe’s Creative magazine- I save them for when I buy a house!

  94. says

    I love the sound of flowing water…always have.

    I would use a Lowe’s card to purchase paint to repaint our master bedroom. We’ve lived in our house 7 years and I have been feeling the urge to change the colors in our bedroom lately. I’d also update the light fixture. It’s time for something new…..