Fondant Cakes

Make a Fondant Cake

Cake designing is a true art.  Especially making a fondant cake! I tried ONCE to decorate my son’s birthday cake, and lets say I should just stick to my day job.  I met Ashley this past summer in Utah.  I knew right away she was “my people” with her quirky hair style and easy personality.  While chatting it up, I learned she’s a cake designer.  Not just any kind of cake, but really cool cakes.  Topsy Turvy Cakes

LEGO Cakes

lego fondant birthday  cakeCan you imagine the squeals of delight when you walk out with this cake?  Kids would enjoy it also.  :)

Pumpkin Cake

This is a cake………yes it is. Really.  It looks like porcelain doesn’t it?  If I actually made this cake, I may weep to see someone cut into it.  It’s just gorgeous!

pumpkin fondant carved cakeCake Balls

These may just take over the world……….or at least cupcakes.  Cake balls.  Way too easy to eat.  Ashley made these for a school event.  I’ve never seen anything this good at my school events, but I’m not in Utah.  I think those Utah moms know how to bring it.

yummy cake balls

Indiana Jones Cake

Probably what she’s most known for……..her Topsy Turvy Cakes.  So many different styles. topsy turvy fondant birthday cake

She did a full Indiana Jones birthday party.  Looks like they had fun and she scored some cool mom points.  indiana jones lego birthday party ideas

Dr. Seuss Cake

Her kids are spoiled rotten!  Look at the cool parties they get. A Dr. Seuss cake?  And decorations?Dr. Seuss birthday party cake- fondant cake

Mario Cake

Now what young boy would love this cake for their birthday?  And the cupcakes!  Love them.  She’s good.

mario bros. party cake - fondant cakeAre you craving cake now?

Want more cake ideas?



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  1. Sarah Lucas says

    I love the Lego and the Mario cake. My kids would absolutely love either of them. Great job.

  2. Brenda says

    My daughter-in-law makes cakes similar to these using fondant. She tells me the “cake” pops are very popular. After seeing the Cat In The Hat ones, it is understandable! They are so clever. What kid wouldn’t want to eat a hat? LOL And, the beautiful felt flower….fabulous. I bought my grandgirls some but this one is much more glamorous.

  3. Kristen says

    I know what you are saying about Utah moms…they seem to know how to do everything well! I just may have to move out there and perhaps a little of that talent will rub off on me…ya thinks? 😉

  4. Jamie says

    I came across your website while searching for Dr Seuss theme birthday parties. My son is turning 1 in February and I am having a hard time find a bakery that can make me a smash cake for him and either another cake or cupcakes that are Dr Seuss themed. Please if you have any ideas or someone I could contact to make these for me. Thanks so much!!!

    Jamie Wylie