Susie Can Stitch

Boy Howdy can she!
There is usually one photo on a blog that will catch my attention…….the one photo that seals the deal for making me my featured post for the day. I like to be shocked, inspired…….excited for the crafty creative experience.
These little pouches are so sweet……..they might just give you a cavity.

Susie Can Stitch is full of very talented embroidering. Give her fabric and a needle and she’s creating magic.

Sometimes I think embroidering is a lost craft…… just don’t see it like you used to.

I don’t remember my Grandmother stitching up anything like this either.

Gotta love that!

It’s definitely something that takes patience, skill and time. Not something a lot of us have anymore………with a needle anyway…………well, me anyway.

She also makes softie’s. I can tell you right now, I will NEVER be able to make anything that comes from a pattern like this below.
This woman needs a crown! I would rather run a marathon……..backwards……..than have to figure that out. Susie is a whiz at it.

For those of you who like a tutorial……….or would need one for this project below………..have at it. She shows you how on her blog. Love the colors.

These flowers will never wilt. I bet she can knit……..or is is crochet?………anyway…….she can probably finished a few of these while posting……….speaking of posting, she also writes for Craft Critique. Head over to Susie’s for a more crafty crafts. You won’t be sorry. And remember………leave her a TCB bump.


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