Colored Rice Easter Table Decor

Easter is right around  the corner.  Not a lot of time to decorate since it’s on March 31st this year. We seem to be so focused on St. Patrick’s Day, but Easter is way more fun to decorate around. Once again, I don’t go all out for specific Easter decorations, but I like to reflect spring and a hint of Easter. I got the wild “hare” to decorate with colored rice this year.


How to Color Rice


colored rice

Since I’m always into very EASY ideas that are hard to mess up, I thought coloring rice would be perfect.  I loved how it looked layered in red, white and blue for Memorial Day and it was simple, so I thought a few Easter colors would look springy. If you’re ever stumped on what to decorate with, just grab a few mason jars.  Seriously……..what CAN’T a mason jar do?

I made 5 colors of rice for 5 different jars.  Perfect for lining up along the dining room table or my entry table.

Decorating with rice

Items Needed to Color Rice:


  • Food coloring
  • rubbing alcohol
  • white rice
  • ziplock baggies
  • paper platesHow to color rice

This is so ridiculously simple, you’ll be slapping your forehead…….DOH! Or is that just me?

How to Color Rice:

  • Place your rice inside the ziplock baggie
  • Drop a few drops of rubbing alcohol inside with the rice
  • drip a few drops of food coloring, depending on how intense you want your rice, into the baggie
  • Seal the baggie and mix around
  • Once your rice is fully coated, pour onto a paper plate and spread out.
  • Dry – I placed mine outside and it dried really quickly (about 10 min)
  • Pour inside your jars, place candle on top. (I would wait to light the candle in case the rubbing alcohol is still present.)Decorating for Easter

This is a great craft to get the kids involved……..just make sure the bag is sealed. Trust me.

So many options for layering all the pretty colors, or using individually like I did.

how to color rice

If you’ve got warm weather already, wouldn’t these look pretty on the patio?

So there you have it. Simple, yet cute table decoration for Easter.




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  1. Kari says

    Hello – would you be able to cook/eat the rice afterwards, or does the rubbing alcohol make create an issue with consumption?

    • says

      Since rubbing alcohol is mixed with the rice, I wouldn’t eat it. You could color it without the rubbing alcohol if you want to eat it.

  2. Lisa Stevens says

    Great idea! I am going to try dying the rice with Kool Aid. They have awesome colors! :)

  3. says

    Wow! simple yet very wonderful…I love what you did with coloring the white rice instead of using colored sand… :) I might as well try this one too…

  4. says

    Hey Kim! Thanks so very much for sharing this great idea! I saw your post over at “Somewhat Simple” blog and I am pinning this idea so I won’t forget it.

    • says

      I’ve done it both ways and it seems to cover the rice better with more vibrant color when I use the rubbing alcohol.